7 Exercises you can do with your children

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Getting tied down with kids? Why not try out our seven family workout routines that will get your kids involved and keep your fitness routine going strong.

You can make exercising fun and routine for all households – there are even kid workouts at home featured too.

Why should you encourage fun workout for kids?

If children are getting plenty of exercises, then it will improve their health not just in body but also mind and spirit. On physical health these regimes can:

  • Increase metabolism – an essential fat burning body element.
  • Improve cardio levels and heart health, by oxygenating the blood.
  • Improve moods – your brain will produce more feel-good chemicals, resulting in less stress and unhealthy mindsets.

We’ve taken a glimpse at exercise benefits, now let’s look at seven exercises you can do with your children.

1# Push-ups

Probably the most well-known exercise you can do. However, they do say that the old ones are always the best. 

The important thing is to keep your abdomen tight and back straight, just simply:

  1. Lie down on your chest, with two hands outlined with your shoulder.
  2. While keeping your whole body straight, lie face flat on the mat.
  3. Push yourself up, feeling all of the weight in your arms.
  4. Keep repeating the exercise until you reach your limit – even a 2 – 3 minutes is a good start.

Important note:

It doesn’t matter whether you bend your knee or keep your back straight. As time goes on, you’ll notice strength build, as your arm makes more muscle tissue.

With the kids: You can all practice this together, as it’s safe for everyone.

2# Lunges


A great way to burn off fat and excess energy – you can even add music to make it a fun kids workout at home.


  1. Take one step forward with either leg.
  2. Your back knee needs to touch the floor
  3. Your front knee mustn’t go past your toes.

3# Crunches


Similar to sit-ups, but you don’t go all the way from floor to knee. 

Instead: Curl your chest toward your knees. It’s a common practice in schools, and may even be known as ‘curl-ups.’ Very popular for kid workouts at home.

4# Planking


A definite try with your kids, if you haven’t already. Make it slightly competitive and see who can hold the plank position for the longest.


  1. Lie down facing the floor and put your elbows on the floor.
  2. Go up on the tips of your toes, while keeping your back straight and feeling your abs tightening.
  3. Next, just hold the position for as long as possible.

5# The Squats

  1. Pretend you’re sitting on an invisible chair.
  2. Get your feet apart at shoulders width length.
  3. Do knee bends and put your arms out.
  4. Check that your knees aren’t extending past your toes.

6# Butterfly Kicks

  1. Lie down on your back, while keeping abdomen tight.
  2. Next, heighten your feet, but only just barely off the floor.
  3. Flutter-kick them.

Entertaining exercise for kids, and can make their abs very loose! It may amuse afterward.

7# V-ups

Similar to sit-ups, but instead you go in the shape of a V.

  1. Lie back and put your arms out above your head – on the floor.
  2. Lift up your legs and raise torso and hands until you make the V shape.
  3. Next, reach towards your feet, and then back down.
  4. Repeat these steps.

The Bottom Line

There’s plenty of ways to introduce kid workouts at home. You don’t need to make much time to do this often, and you all get to reap its benefits. These seven family workout routines will be sure to make your unit happier and healthier.


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