6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

We all have a sweet-tooth and there are millions of dessert options to choose from. Local to global the variations are customised in accordance with the taste and preferences of people.

It is nearly impossible to taste each and every delicacy of the world. So, we are trying to simplify the choice by enlisting six best desserts from around the world. Each bite is sure to leave you craving for more.

Triamisu: The Italian Delight

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

Italy has always been the land of producing some mouth-watering desserts, Triamisu is no exception. It is a refrigerated dessert with layers of ladyfingers (low density, dry, egg-based and sweet sponge biscuits) dipped in espresso coffee and made even more pleasing by adding sweetened and whipped egg yolks. It’s time for you to try something different which is in my opinion worth every bite.

Flan: The Taste of Mexico

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

What is the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind, when talking about Mexican desserts? Flan, yes it is the most popular dessert across the whole nation. People in Mexico usually like to consume it post dinner, just like a sweet pudding, dipped into wobbly and sweet caramel sauce. Now rather putting your hands again and again on tacos and tortas, try something sweet.

Banoffee Pie: The Diverse History

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

If you are a kind of person who just cannot say no to caramel, butterscotch and whipped cream, than Banoffee Pie is the dessert for you. It includes a thick layer of caramel, cream and slices of banana over a crumbled biscuit and butter base. This dessert is very popular among the states of UK and some people even like to eat it in the morning before they head for a long and hectic day.

Rasmalai: The Indian Tradition

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

Rasmalai is also one of its kinds of dessert, generally famous in the northern part of India. Made from spongy balls of paneer that are soaked in thick, reduced milk sparkled over with some cardamom and saffron to provide that extra sweetness. It is generally served chilled and is consumed in large quantities during Diwali.

Apple Pie: The Sign of Freedom

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

This is one dessert that you’ll find on every table and corner of the country on 4th of July, as the Americans celebrate their independence from England. This is because of its “red, white and blue” connotations. Frozen apple pies also taste great but the folks like it to be warm and fresh from the oven. On occasions it is served with whipped cream or ice cream on the top.

Taiyaki: Good Luck of Japan

6 soul pleasing desserts of the world

It is often said, ‘when in Japan, you must try Taiyaki’. A classic snack of Japan designed in the shape of Red Snapper fish with red bean filling. This fish is believed to be a sign of good luck in Japan. If you attend any of the famous street fairs or festivals of Japan, you’ll it in common over there. If you are looking for something different but with similar taste, you can also try Dorayaki and Imagawayaki.




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