6 reasons why Jamaica should be at the top of your list

A jewel in the crown of the Caribbean is the island of Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most stand-out islands in the scenic Caribbean. A nation with diverse, rich culture and warmest people is sure to leave you spellbound. This is a fact, because of various reasons: the weather, influential figures such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and the fastest man in the world himself, Usain Bolt all trace their roots back to the beautiful nation. So, here are six enticing reasons why your next holiday should be in Jamaica.

Warm weather and warm smiles

One of the main reasons which make Jamaica so special is its warm weather and culture all year round. Jamaicans are very friendly and welcoming which will make your vacation to this sunshine island more relaxing and comfortable. You will find people from all races, religions and backgrounds coming together in unity whilst maintain individual lifestyles.

Endless Serene Beaches

6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica

Nothing is more relaxing than a day well spent on Jamaica’s sandy beaches. The Seven Mile Beach in Negril on the West Coast Island boasts of white sands and bright blue seas, along with breathtaking mountains, sunrise and sunsets. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the peace.

Delectable local cuisines

6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica

Jamaica is well known for its exotic and locally sourced meals. It’s the birthplace of ‘jerk cuisine’ – a heavenly combo of sweet, sour and spicy flavours this cuisine will leave your taste buds tingling for more. Additionally you have the national staples such as Ackee & Saltfish, fried dumplings and plantains for breakfast.

Nature lover’s paradise

6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica

If you are a travel enthusiast who loves to experience the beauty of nature, Jamaica is the perfect place for you. With miles of coastline, mountains and dense rainforest, Jamaica has no shortage of natural beauty. Cameras will help you retain the memories, but experiencing the nature first hand is irreplaceable.

Beautiful Coastline: Comes with Aqua Sports

6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica

With beautiful, clear waters and great tides, Jamaican islands offer an impeccable experience to all the water enthusiasts. Your journey can become thrilling and exciting with various activities to do like: Snorkelling, Scuba diving or hiring a Jet Ski or a boat to explore the vast water life of Jamaica.

Exotic wildlife species

6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica6 reasons why you should visit Jamaica

Its tropical climate all year round attracts a lot of exotic flora and fauna. Jamaican iguana, boa, blackbird, tody, owl, etc are some of the animals from the diverse wildlife of Jamaica. But you can find Jamaican iguana most commonly. There are also plenty of tropical fish to admire and even whales in the reef-lined Caribbean Sea.


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