5 tips to take care of your Jewellery

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It is known around the world that jewellery is one thing that every woman admires. Every woman generally has a huge collection of jewels ranging from small earing, rings and neck pieces to heavy diamond and ruby sets. Like a woman is never completely dressed without a piece of jewel and selection of the correct piece of jewel is also an art. Similarly taking care of your diamonds, rubies and emeralds is also an equally difficult task. So here are some tips to make this task easy and to protect your jewels when you are not wearing them.

Keep them safe

Jewellery is one of the most precisions things women possess. Keeping them safe is very important. Jewellery should be kept in an electronic locker or in cupboards with proper lock and key. It is very important to be very attentive both while wearing them and removing them as small jewellery pieces like rings, earing and pendants are difficulty to find if kept at the wrong place in hurry. Therefore, it is always better to have a fix and place to keep your valuables when not worn.  



Do not expose them to heat or light

Sun light and heat both can have harmful effects on your jewellery just like they affect your skin. The effect may not be visible immediately but with time it is prominent. Different jewels react differently to light and heat.  Gemstones generally fade in color and the durability reduces. On the other hand, Pearls become bleached when exposed to light and heat. It is best advised to keep them away from any kinds of heat and light when you are not wearing them.









Get them polished regularly

Getting your jewellery polished regularly helps in retaining their fresh and new look. If regular polishing is not possible then they should be cleaned to avoid any kind of dust accumulation. While cleaning your valuable pieces it is important to keep in mind that rubbing the jewels will harm it. Usage of any kind of tissue or cloth might lead to scratches on your ornaments.   



Say no to chemicals and soaps

When your jewellery comes in contact with any kind of solvents, chemicals or soaps they can lose their natural shine. Jewellery when exposed to chemical might react and become dull and dirty. Washing your hands or bathing with your jewellery on can also be harmful for the jewel. It is best advised to remove jewellery while doing any work which may expose them to any kind of chemicals or soap. This may harm your ornaments in long run.







Keep them in proper and separate storage boxes

Storing jewellery is also an art. It is very important to keep them properly in separate boxes with enough space. Gold bangles and earing tips might lose their original shape if kept in tight boxes. All pieces should be kept together but at the same time it should be kept in mind that they should not be kept one over the other one. This will harm the diamonds and the bangles due to pressure.

Any harm or loss to your expensive and valuable jewellery will not only make you feel bad but also pinch your pocket. So is best to take care of them by following small and easy jewellery care tip. And let your jewellery shine forever and a sparkle to your life.


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