5 times designers trolled the fashion world with these ridiculous and pricey pieces

Every individual has a different sense of style and views in terms of what to wear and how to carry it. But a few designers on their way of self expression failed to make a mark and ended up in our category of “strange fashion designs that you probably won’t like to spend on”.

When it comes to high fashion, the idea of every designer has to be unique and different in a way that will make people curious to try it themselves without feeling repetitive. On this journey of creating unique art, some designers took it a little too far and ended up creating something that got quite a troll on the internet. Here are some of our favorite mistakes!

Moschino’s plastic bag dress

As if there weren’t enough plastic bags in the grocery stores, we now have dresses that require plastic as the main fabric. Moschino’s $735 plastic dress is definitely one of the weirdest items to hit the runway and caused quite a buzz amongst fashion enthusiasts. This dress which is a part of mosichino’s collection which is inspired by trash garbage is retailed at $735 without a slip to wear underneath making the followers wonder if its really the smartest decision. Why carry a plastic bag when you can actually wear one!

Thom browne’s famous dog shaped bag

Just when you thought 2018 was all about unicorns and rainbows in the fashion world, Thom browne’s whimsical design of a dog shaped bag left us wondering as to what more is to come? The bag which comes at a hefty amount of $2600 and is made from hand stitched leather aims to look exactly like a dog on its paws and the end result is too real to ignore.

Dolce & Gabbana’s hand printed fridges

You thought these Italian maximalists were just here to impress you with their clothes and accessories but that’s where you’re wrong. In order to give their customers a full experience of Italian culture, this designer duo debuted with their kitchen line with $34,000 hand painted fridges that sent the fashion world to a tizzy.

Margiela’s distressed sneakers

If you’re willing to shed $1425 for a pair of sneakers that looks like they’ve been through a paper shredder, then this is definitely your pair to grab. But given the latest fashion trend of distressed denims and shirts, you won’t be surprised to actually find someone who treats these kicks as god tier material.

Balenciaga’s bright blue ikea dupe

It’s Gvasalia’s grip of high-low culture that likely most characterizes his work and none more so than his extravagance go up against Ikea’s Frakta pack. From the ties to the blue tone, the sacks are essentially dead ringers for each other aside from the way that Balenciaga’s is made out of margarine cowhide and Ikea’s Frakta is made out of solid polypropylene — gracious better believe it, and that the Balenciaga goes for a hot $2,145, while the Frakta is simply $0.99. There’s that as well.


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