5 Places to visit before they Disappear

As the sand in the hourglass is seeping slowing, we bring your attention to six of the most exquisite places in the world destined to vanish from sight.

Fritz Todt was once quoted saying,” In places where this beauty has already disappeared, we will reconstruct it’’. Kudos to the confidence he tried to sell but it is easily said than done. It finally dawns on mankind that those places which make the world a better place to live in are slowly slipping away into darkness. Despite our best efforts, they just might disappear from sight.

  1. Glacial National Park

‘Far away in north-western Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain peaks, lies an unmapped corner—the Crown of the Continent’.

Thus, Grinnell aptly complimented the beauty of the glacial area bordering Montana and Canada. Cradled by naturally formed mountain regions, the park is a haven for a vast species of flora and fauna, some already under the threat of extinction. The park harbours 88 historic landmarks which include the Alice Beck Cabin, Belly River Ranger Station, Goathaunt Bunk House, Granite Park Chalet and many more.

  • The threat

The Glacial Park balances a delicate ecosystem and even a slight trigger can set off massive upheavals. Radical climate changes and active geological experiments coupled with a number of environmental hazards has led researchers to prophesy the complete disappearance and possible glacial meltdown.

  1. Galapagos Islands

2_Galapagos Islands_pexels-photoWitness the raw yet exquisite beauty of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean where nature reigns with might. This tropical getaway harbours a wide variety of exotic flora and fauna. But this is a thing of the past. The exotic ecosystem which gave it a unique tinge is now under the threat of extinction. Housing the Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos pay homage to the scientist, inspired to pen down the theory of Evolution, after his visits to the islands. Galapagos consist of 20 islands large and small, each harbouring separate ecosystems; a feature unique to the islands.

  • The threat

An abode for endangered species, the Galapagos Islands had been encroached by modernity and cultural tourism. Both man-made and natural developments have endangered the delicate balance of the intricate ecosystem which made it a unique haven for exotic flora and fauna. Climatic changes, rising sea levels, industrial developments, and geological undercurrents have struck the fauna of the islands much harder than we assumed. Quite, unfortunately, our time in the islands has been limited.

  1. Madagascar

3_Madagascar_baobabWe travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. Walking through the rainforests and smelling the sweet scent of vanilla in the air, Madagascar truly reminds you why your travel is worthwhile. The Ranomafana National Park, Isalo National Park and the Avenue of the Baobabs rein in the nature running wild and give you a peek into the exotic hues of Madagascar.



  • The threat

The diverse species of flora and fauna which are exquisitely unique to this island are now facing the fear of extinction, as a result of excessive poaching and exploitation. The many projects initiated to improve the situation has failed due to political intervention and impracticality. Thus, we may have to remain silent spectators to the disappearance of these forests and its endemic species within a few decades.

  1. Venice

4_venice_pexels-photoAnd Polo said: ‘Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice.”

The lagoon city has captured the imagination of scores, for the magical aura, it creates amidst a bustling modern world. A paradise of love, beauty and passion might as well be heaven on earth. It’s hard to name a few places to visit in the city of love, as every nook and cranny scream beauty, but still, special mention has to be made for the exquisite historical landmarks including the Grand Canal, the Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Piazza San Marco. Through centuries Venice had stayed true to her legacy.

  • The threat

Quite sadly her legacy might turn out to be just a story, for the future. The grave prophecy of Venice’s extinction is an issue of great concern. The city is sinking a little every year, a dire result of the growing climatic disturbances and geological undercurrents. The land mass is destined to be completely engulfed by the next few decades, which makes our time with Venice tick away faster than we assumed.

  1. Maldives

5_MaldivesMaldives is indeed a luxuries getaway cradled by nature. The coral beds, garlanding the islands are a beauty exclusive to the country. The outlandish hues of the islands are a siren call for all those who dream of a perfect tropical paradise. Luxury couples with elegance in Maldives, to create the perfect harmony with nature. Maldives is not all about its lush greenery, but about antiquity as well. The Mulee-aage Palace and the Male-Friday Mosque is a tribute to the rich history of the islands.


  • The threat

As you tuck away in the lap of natural elegance, you might not realise that Maldives is a luxury that you can’t afford for long. The alarming rise in sea levels has posed a serious threat to the lowest country in the world. The rising global warming, environmental hazards and industrial activities are undertaken around the region despite best efforts, all contribute the faster sinking of the islands than expected.

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