5 of the world’s most expensive pets


Pets keep us company and often act as our best friend. The highest price someone has paid for a best friend has gone up to $16,000,000.

Green Monkey

Green monkey isn’t an actual monkey but the name of a breed of horse. It’s a thoroughbred American racehorse, fathered by another thoroughbred American racehorse, called Forestry. Green Monkey completed a race of 8 miles in less than 9.8 seconds. He, however, suffered an injury and hasn’t replicated that speed ever since February 12, 2008. The green monkey was auctioned for $16,000,000 in 2006.

De Brazza’s Monkey

De Brazza’s Monkey is an endemic species which is native of Central Africa. These monkeys can be recognized by their white beard and orange crown. It is one of the most widespread African primates that live in forests.

Their lifespan is up to 22 years or more if kept in captivity. They can weigh somewhere between 11-15 pounds and can cost anything between $10,000 and $50,000.

The species isn’t in India and it is highly unlikely that this monkey will be legal to be adopted as a pet in India due to Monkeys being holy in India.

White Lion Cubs

As ferocious a lion seems, their cubs can be taken in as pets. This breed of lions was first spotted in 1938 and they were rare back then. These extremely rare lions get their color because of a recessive gene the white lion cubs are usually found at the zoo in a controlled environment. It is hard to procure for private ownership of the cub; the owners need to keep an eye out for breeders willing to give them a white lion cub. These cubs are for $140,000.

Moreover, it is illegal to adopt a lion or a tiger cub in India and it is against the law. Punishment for the same is given under section 51 of the wildlife protection act, 1972.

Tibetan Mastiff

DogTibetan mastiffs are the world’s largest dogs and are eerily similar to lion. They originally acted as guard dogs, can be trained to protect livestock, palaces, and monasteries. The Tibetan mastiff is known as ‘Nomad Dog.’ These dogs are now also acting as show dogs. True blooded Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and can fetch a price that is extremely high. The last rare Tibetan Mastiff was sold in 2011 for a whopping $1.5 million.

Tibetan Mastiffs are legal in India and can be adopted. However, you need to be very sure you will be able to take care of this dog. They need a lot of attention and can only survive in very low temperatures like in the Himalayas.

Holstein Cow

Holstein breed of cows is show cows. Miss Missy is one of the cows of this breed. She is a show cow and has won many titles to her name. She produces 50% more milk than an average cow. The breed of this cow shoots up if her calves are equally valuable. Miss Missy is a three-year-old cow who was sold at an auction for a whopping $1.2 million.

These cows are legal in India but come with a very high price against their name.


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