5 most outrageously priced useless things


Somewhere inside us, we all dream to be super, filthy rich and buy impractical things that are priced way higher than they should be. We’d love to talk about all impractical yet outrageously expensive things in the world, but we only have space to talk about 5 for now. Read on…

Sometimes there are things which look “cool” to own but are priced way higher than they should be. Some people, however, have the money and resources to buy them without sweating over the price tag. Below mentioned are some of the world’s most outrageously expensive things that we don’t need.

  • Diamond Contact Lenses: Rs. 10,13,625(approx.)


Diamond contact lenses are as outrageous as they sound. This eerie line of lenses was by Shekhar Eye Research. These contact lenses are for those who aren’t satisfied by wearing jewels on their bodies. These contacts are made using  Chandra Boston Scleral lenses, a product generally used to treat eye illnesses, to hold the jewelry part of the lenses in such a way that it does not touch on the cornea. Creator Chandra shekhar Chawan claims that these lenses are very safe. Despite Chawan claiming that they’re safe, many other eye surgeons are against the idea of diamond contact lenses and are of the view of not allowing harmful foreign substances in our eyes for “bling”.

  • Gold Toilet Paper: Rs. 7,45,87,101 (approx.)

gold toilet paper

For people who truly want to WOW their guests, or simply want to flush their excess money down the drain (literally!) is a toilet paper roll made using 22-carat gold. The creator of this roll claims that each roll will be personally delivered with a bottle of champagne. The creator has also kept the comfort of people in mind and the roll is three-ply to ensure the utmost comfort. The product has been listed as an uber-luxurious by the creator.

  • Dog Collar: Rs21,64,32,000(approx.)


Dogs indeed are a man’s best friend. They’re loyal, friendly, protective and of course, they need to be appreciated and given a gift for everything they do for us. This Amour Amour dog collar is made by “I love dog diamonds” The dog collar is made up of 18-carat gold and has platinum and crocodile leather detailing. It might get tricky if your dog runs away though. We can’t say if the dog won’t return, but it’s extremely uncertain if he will return with the collar on him.

  • Diamond Tea Bag: Rs. 94,60,500

diamond tea bag

This diamond teabag was exclusively made by Boodles Jewelers to celebrate PG Tips’, a British company that makes tea, 75th birthday. If you’re wondering what was in the tea bag that made it oh-so-expensive then this tea bag was handmade using 280 diamonds. As if it wasn’t clear to us already, this tea bag is a proof as to how seriously the British take their tea!

  • Diamond-studded Cricket Ball: Rs. 45,97,140

diamond cricket ball

Cricket World Cup put a new notch in the most expensive bracket. Awards were made for 2 cricketers for their outstanding performance. The balls are rounded out with 5,728 diamonds with an 18-carat gold stitch, making them worth $68,500. The 2007 ICC World Cup of Cricket which was being held in the West Indies where the Australian team had been dominating the competition. The winners of Best Interim Player and Best Indian Cricketer received this cricket ball as an award.



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