5 Most Expensive Pens In The World

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The prized possession of an exclusive writing instrument is a joy only understood by the real connoisseurs of luxury. Taking you closer to this experience; PEAKLIFE lists here five of world’s most expensive pens.

Pens are much more than just a desk accessory and the utility of a writing instrument. Exclusively designed writing instruments with innovative technology and jewels and the works, stand out as a prized possession that is much more than a status symbol for the proud owner.

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen – $1.47 Million Aurora Diamante

Be it the nip of the pen that is made of 18-carat gold, or two thousand diamonds studded around the pen, this luxury pen is manufactured each year, making it a rare collection, and is also known for its smooth flow of writing.

La Dona Menagerie Fountain pen – $ 4000La Dona fountain pen

Inspired by 1940’s Mexican star, Maria Felix, more than just a writing instrument, this pen seems like a  jewelry. Pen crafted with a crocodile head design costs $4000 and it’s definitely worth it because of its design and the value it holds.

Ripple HRH Limited Edition Visconti Fountain Pen— $57,000


One of the most premium pens in the world, the ripple is studded with diamonds and nib made of 18-carat gold. If you revel in gold? This pen was exclusively made for you to feel the luxury.

Grayson Tighe Limited Edition Fountain and Rollerball Pens — $24,000

grayson tigheLuxury fountain pens are not just confined to fountain pens but much more than that. Rollerball pens are proof positive and each pen’s nib is made of 18-carat yellow gold in Germany. Engraved with Acanthus leaf toned in rhodium and iridium and what better than to write for a full year on a single fill with the help of a feature of Advanced Refill System

Carand’AcheGothica Pen — $406,450


Celebrating the gothic art, this pen is crafted with six Rhodium coated silver faces, decorated with all the gothic elements such as fleurs –de- lis and rosettes. Studded with 892 diamonds, the rosettes feature 72  rubies and 72 emeralds.

These were some of the finest and the most premium pens in the world that crack seven figures and collectors surely find them worth every penny!


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