5 Most expensive gym Equipment’s

Unique in their style and looks, there are some of the most expensive gym equipment that are worth spending your money on.

 A fit body is everybody’s dream and good things cost money. Peaklife compiles you the 5 most expensive gym equipments that will help you get in shape and an attractive figure.

Punching Bag – $1,75,000

Leather trunk with a punching bag tucked inside, a set of gloves, a gym bag are complied in a boxing set. This punching bag is one of the most expensive and luxurious punching bag for Louis Vuitton. This punching bag is produced in limited quantity and covered in Vuitton signature logo.

18 carat Golden Dumbbells – $1,08,000

Made of granadilla wood and 1-carat gold, the 18 carat golden dumbbells cost worth $1,08,000.

An asset to your fitness center and a rare collection of dumbbells is not less than a luxury. These dumbbells are a limited collection and one of the most beautiful fitness equipments ever made.

Vibro- Gym Diamond – $70,000

Made in Germany, Vibro – gym diamond is the perfect fitness equipment that has a vibrating feature covering every muscle of the body. Dotted with Swarovski crystals, this is an expensive and luxurious fitness equipment.

 Wind Tunnel – $56,000


Machine made from latest technology, this is considered for special fitness issues. A very simple machine to use costs worth $56,000.

(ROM machine) Quick Gym Range of Motion – $15,000

Weighing 85 pounds with a centrifugal brake is the Quick Gym ROM machine. The ROM machine resembles a hybrid of an exercise bicycle, a rowing machine and a stair climbing machine that costs worth $15,000.

To have a healthy life, its time to spend money on some of the best and most expensive gym equipments that will give you an elegant look and shape.





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