5 luxury cruises around the world

Cruises that leave you the memory of a whole new world when you get off the board. The experience that makes you want to relive repeatedly with its luxury and hospitable environment. PEAKLIFE is presenting you the most deluxe cruises around the world.

A set of great pools, decks, casinos, restaurants, and suits are the basic features that basically sums up a cruise.  Following are the distinguishing luxury cruises that you wouldn’t want to miss:

Seven seas explorer- Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Passenger capacity: 750-542

The explorer has exclusive cuisine and is known for its extravagant accommodations. All cabins have suits which have enormous balconies. It’s especially a place for art lovers since it has 2500 pieces of art from the famous Eduardo Arranz Bravo and Picasso.

The fare is business class intercontinental flights for all US passengers. It has unlimited shore excursions. It also has thermal suites.

Explorer has the Panama Canal which covers the ports of Los Angeles, Catilana Island, Cabo San Lueas. The Mediterranean (Rome, Florence, Positano) and Africa (Cape Town, Rio De Janeiro)

Crystal Serenity- Crystal Cruises

Passengers: 848 cruises

There are many leaning programmes in this cruise which often hosts pertinent authors, politicians, other experts and luminaires (NASA astronauts). Mainly the cruise is engulfed with knowledgeable people. Many tournaments and golf professionals also embark the place. You can also entertain yourself well with shows, theatre, music, and dance. It’s more of a formal environment.

The routes rendezvous at London, St.Peters, Almeria ( Wondrous Winelands) , at Copenhagen, Rockstock ( Baltic treasures) and Rome, Naples, Jerusalem ( Italy and Israel)

Riviera – Oceanic Cruises

Passenger-Crew Ratio- 1250 to 800

These cruises are known for its numerous dining venues. La Reserve by “wine spectators” of course has a special wine pairing. Menus are designed by famed chefs, Jacques Pepin and Polo Grill. It also has an Italian restaurant called Toscana. This voyage is comparatively shorter and has crowd aged 65+.

The Cuba Cruise goes around Miami, Roatan, Santo Tomas De Castilla and the Mediterranean take its toll around various places like Athens, Venice, and Barcelona.

Viking Star- Viking Ocean Cruises

Passenger-Crew Ratio- 930 to 550

The evident features of this cruise are open, airy feel and prudence that was put in the designing of probably every place on board. It contains penthouse suites which have bedside USB ports, quite closing drawers, heated bathroom floors and also anti-fog mirrors. It is accompanied by fancy restaurants. It even offers its passengers the chance to have the essence of localities too by staying longer, overnights on ports.

The empires of the Mediterranean covers ports of Venice, Koper, Zadar. The Viking Homelands cover Bergen, Eidfjord and also Stockholm and Helsinki.

Seabourn Ovation- Seabourn Cruises

Passenger- Crew Ratio- 600-450

Seabourn ovation is the newest ship of this company. It is very much similar to Seabourn Encore. Both have one deck taller, indoor and outdoor public spaces and 300 suites having balconies. The features are The Retreat- private, VIP class only outdoor lounge area)

The Vietnam and Thailand cruise covers Hong Kong, Hanoi, Da- Nang and also the other one goes to Singapore, Bangkok, Sihanoukville


These luxury cruises shall give the time of your lives and relax your way out of every worry. Go ship your favourite cruise now.  


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