5 Island destinations you would not want to miss!

You might have seen them in movies, brochures, newspapers, and magazines. These islands are filled with wildlife, beaches, rainforests. Etc. they’re a sure eye candy for the beholder.

Get ready to be amazed as Peaklife brings you a list of 5 best islands you should definitely visit.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, a land of Gods, a place with over 1000 temples and amazing beach destinations like Seminyak and Jimbaran. The island is known for its volcanic mountains and coral reefs. There’s a resort town towards the south which are some amazing bars for people who love the spirit in a landscape. The island houses popular yoga and meditation retreats for those who are seeking peace in this wild fun.

Mykonos, Greece

The heaven for party lovers, Mykonos is an island situated in the Aegean Sea of the Cyclades group. This island is definitely a must visit for people who are party lovers and fans of rave/ EDM music. The island is visited by world’s top DJ’s and has world-class thumping music for ears. The party here goes on till dawn. 16th-century classic Greek-made windmills is a popular attraction here.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

It’s one of the most visually attractive and impressive islands situated on the north-eastern coast of Scotland. This island is known for its Neolithic age remains, which are said to be of legendary Vikings. There’s a village which was restored recently by the archaeological dept of Scotland which includes a reconstructed house and a 5000-year-old burial tomb.

The famous attraction here is centuries old Viking inscriptions on the rock walls found here, which tells a testimony of the legacy of Scottish Vikings, a must visit for Viking fans.

Sicily Islands, Italy

Known as the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is a part of Italy. It hosts one of the most active mountains in the world named as Etna. The place is famous for its famous historical places and its amazing beach. It houses popular tourist attractions like Necropolis, Erice and the valley of temples.

Sicily is often referred to as the island of rivers as it has as much has 15 rivers draining it. One should visit this island to see its diverse flora and fauna and unimaginably ecstatic views of volcanic mountains.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

If you are one animal lover and want to experience flora and fauna like never before, then the Galapagos islands is the apt place for you. You can practically swim with sea lions, hear walruses roar and take a nice click of the famous and the largest Galapagos tortoise which are one of the largest species of tortoise on the planet weighing up to 450kgs. The landscapes and the animals here are unique to this place only. It’s a ‘must visit’ for any animal/nature lover.


Your perfect destination for this vacation waits for you, so book a ride to any of the place mentioned above and experience an exhilarating vacation time, like never experienced before.


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