5 exercises which are more effective than running

Running to keep fit is a thing of the past. Now it’s time for you to train smart for achieving significant results. PeakLife bring some innovative exercises that are your new BFFs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether it is about shedding some extra kilos or warming-up your body before workout session, every trainer would suggest you to go for a run. Many consider running to be one of the best exercises. But what no one tells us is that by running for miles we not only lose fat, but this also leads to a drop in our muscle quality.

Looking for exercises that burns calories effectively and are also a good form of cardiovascular exercise is always a challenge. So, here are few of the exercises as suggested by Dr. P. C. Jagadeesh, Consultant, Sports Orthopedics and arthroscopy, which are better than running, if you are bored with running for kicking out your calories.


Burpees acts as a full body workout as they build strength and endurance of your muscles. It is also a good form of cardiovascular exercise as it raises the heart rate and burns loads of calories. Burpees can be done anywhere and everywhere.


It is both safe and effective in improving power and strength performance. Kettlebell exercises may also aid in injury rehabilitation since they allow for functional movements performed with resistance. Beginners can start with the kettlebell swing, which is a full body exercise designed to improve posture, build strength, and explosiveness.


Jumping ropes are the most convenient and basic form of aerobic exercise which anyone can do easily at their home, fitness centre, or even for that matter workplace. If you do not have time for any kind of exercise you can always opt for jumping ropes to cut down the calories and to lose weight. It is also the cheapest form of exercise anyone can go for, although it puts direct stress on knees, ankles, and hips, if done properly it’s a lower-impact activity than running. It is a good exercise for the heart and the best way to burn calories.


It improves the strength, stamina, endurance, and fitness of a person. It works mainly on the core strength and the shoulders. Battle ropes are a very versatile fitness tool that can maximize your training efficiency. If you are not good at lifting weights on your shoulder, this is the best alternative to increase the strength of your shoulder muscles.


It is one of the fun exercises that you will love to do. It is also an excellent form of aerobic exercise that works best for your health. It engages all your major muscle groups that include quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders, biceps, traps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles. This exercise is great for the heart and lungs, as it improves the blood circulation in the body. It is the best total body exercise with very low impact workout

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