5 Essentials for the perfect home bar

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A well-stocked and stylish bar cart is a must-have for any house-proud home-entertainer. Having both form and function, bar carts can improve your home decor while allowing you to serve your guests cocktails at a moment’s notice! But, sometimes it can be just as challenging trying to figure how to stock your bar cart with all the right ingredients and not overstocking it and making it a mess. Lucky for you, PEAKLIFE has created this list of bar cart essentials to make it easy for you!

Ice Bucket

Any bar cart should have fresh ice for cocktails and drinks. For impromptu champagne celebrations or at- home cocktail hours, having an ice bucket on hand makes for an instant classy touch. Rather than sending your guests to and from the kitchen you keep their drinks cool and refreshed on the spot.

Wooden Muddler

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You can’t make a proper mojito without a proper muddler, so be sure to add one of these essential wooden tools to your bar cart. Muddling helps extract and mix the flavors of cocktail ingredients like fresh herbs, fruits, and simple syrups together – making for an expertly balanced drink.

Liquors, Syrups & Bitters

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Now unless you’re just drinking whiskey on the rocks, liquor alone will not make you a craft cocktail. You’ll need a variety of liquors, syrups, and bitters! Liquors are highly flavored alcoholic beverages that come in a variety of flavors, such as orange and mint. Syrups are used to take the bite out of some of your liquors and sweeten your cocktails. Bitters are used in many cocktails; they have a bitter or bittersweet taste and have a fairly high alcoholic content.

Stylish Jigger

It is very useful in measuring the proper amount of alcohol that should be added to a cocktail. This is the most basic tool that a bar cart must have. When mixing cocktails with rather elaborate or specific ingredient lists, having a jigger is essential. The larger end is perfect for measuring out liquor, while the smaller is great for things like simple syrup and triple sec.

A set of Glasses

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There are so many different types of cocktail glasses to choose from. So, to make it easy for you to pick the right glasses we suggest starting with the base liquor you prefer drinking or serving to guests. If you prefer whiskey-based cocktails, then you should definitely get a good set of rock glasses. Likewise, get a set of martini glasses or coupe glasses if you enjoy a gin-based cocktail.


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