5 Business hotels in Mumbai

Business Hotels you should know in Mumbai

There’s was a saying that the best business deals are made on a golf course, but now the adage is losing its charm. Business Hotels are making a mark for themselves, known to close in more deals than a golf course ever did. Incorporating a luxurious stay coupling with state of the art facilities, today’s corporate world is flocking to these trending business hotels to close in on their deals.

  1. The Taj Mahal Palace

Located in South Mumbai, The Taj Mahal Palace is not only one of Mumbai’s ideal Business Hotels, but also a historical landmark. A flagship hotel of the Taj Group with a panoramic view overlooking the Arabian Sea is majesty in all its elegance. It is indeed this grace of the hotel despite luxurious abundance, is what sets her apart. The state of the art facilities offered by the TajMahal Palace is indeed designed keeping in mind the comfort and luxury of their guests. TajMahal Palace offers you a comfortable transition into business.

Nine exclusive venue halls are set apart for hosting events and business meetings. Needless to say, each room is designed to a particular theme coupling indigenous and modern architectural elements. One is at liberty to choose from these exclusive rooms, according to their best needs and interests. The rooms are equipped with conferencing facilities making good use of modern technological innovations.

  1. JW Marriot

With the ocean blues setting the stage, JW Marriott captures life inside its walls with its regal designs incorporated with an elegant touch of modern art. The luxurious ambience of the Marriot is unrivalled by any and remains a preferred choice for closing in on business deals.

The expert event management staff at JW Marriot can arrange your meetings and conferences best fitted to your demands in one of their 13 event rooms or in the 8 Breakout Rooms, all better than the other and incorporated with state of the art facilities and modern technological innovations.

  1. The Oberoi

Overlooking the Marina Beach and capturing a glimpse of the Queen’s Necklace offers the Oberoi an unrivalled panoramic view and ambience with the waves whispering stories about the deep blues. An epitome of contemporary architectural prowess, the Oberoi is famed for hosting ideal business events and corporate gatherings. With seven board rooms and high end technical facilities and Colonial Style rooms exclusively for small gathering Oberoi Mumbai gives an impeccable stay experience.

  1. Grand Hyatt

The heart of Mumbai beats with the grace of the Grand Hyatt. Strategically located near Mumbai International Airport it is an ideal choice of accommodating your business deals. The Grand Hyatt offers one spacious complexes to host events and corporate gatherings. The expert event management staffs at the hotel weaves magic out of your demands to suit your best interest and needs.

  1. Taj Lands End

Located amidst the cultural and entrepreneurial hub of Mumbai, the TajLands End is an ideal spot for managing your business deals. The face of coporate gatherings have changed and that is why TajLands End offers you a wonderful array of choices to choose for your business meetings pairing with the elegance of luxury and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The specially designed five meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for conferencing and employs unparalleled audio-visual technology.

Taj Lands also as drawn up suggestions for the best suited Business Hotels in India’s busiest entrepreneurial hubs known for their luxurious elegance as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

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