5 Biggest Horse Races on Earth

Horse Racing is one of the biggest and favourite gambling grounds for the rich and famous.  With prize money touching millions of dollars there is enough reason for us to bring you this list of the world’s biggest horse races till date.

Horse racing dates back more than 2,000 years to the earliest Ancient Greek Olympic Games. Since then gamblers have been hooked on the thrill of the ponies. From the top horses to the infamous jockeys, it’s all part of the thrills. Horse racing has such a charm amongst the rich and famous that an Islamic city like Dubai.

Here is everything you wish to know about the biggest and richest horse races across the planet, to help you in on your next gambling adventure.

  1. The Grand National

 Started In: 1839

Track Length: 4 miles / 10 minutes.

Date: First or second Saturday of April.

City: Aintree, Liverpool

Country: England

For three days in April, the area of Aintree in England is the center of the horse racing world in an event with a difference. This steeplechase race format sees riders tackling a grueling four-mile track featuring thirty fences to be jumped over. It’s a hard day’s work for the competitors, but it makes for absolutely thrilling racing action, and the Grand National 2018 date looks to be no exception.

  1. Dubai World Cup


Started In: 1996

Track Length: 2000 meters

Date: Late March

City: Dubai

Country: UAE

The Arab world is one of the most passionate regions on Earth when it comes to horse racing. The sport has always been the province of kings and princes, with kingdoms sending their competitors out to win glory for their regents. Although being a young contender, with the inaugural race taking place in 1996, it’s become one of the most opulent horse racing events in the world, featuring a grand prize of $10 million for whoever takes the first place, at the gleaming new Meydan Racecourse.

  1. The Kentucky Derby

Started In: 1875

Track Length: 1.25 miles, Under 2 minutes.

Date: First Saturday of May

City: Louisville, Kentucky

Country: USA

Since 1875, this race has been steeped in a rich tradition of racing excellence and is probably the most famous horse race in all of North America. It marks the start of the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing and kicks off the racing calendar in fine style. The course is less than one and a half miles long with the race never lasting more than two minutes, but that’s not deterred the 150,000 audience members who flock to the race annually, and the event truly earns its title as the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sport”.

  1. Paris Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

Started In: 1920

Track Length: 1.5 miles

Date: First Sunday of October

City: Seine, Paris

Country: France

Popularly known to as the ‘Arc’, the Prix is arguably Europe’s most distinguished horse racing event. It’s also the world’s richest turf race. The Longchamp Racecourse in Paris plays host to the annual competition which is always held on the first Sunday of October. Three-year-old and older horses are allowed to participate in the 1.5 mile race which has been running since 1920.

Since the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club took over sponsorship of the event, the prize money has more than doubled from $2 million to over $5 million.

  1. The Royal Ascot

Started In: 1711

Date: 5 days in Mid-June

City: Ascot, Berkshire

Country: England

By far the most formal horse racing event in the world, The Royal Ascot is a major even in British culture, dating back to 1711, founded by the then Queen Anne. The event is effectively hosted by the British Royal Family, with all the prominent members of the family arriving on decorated horse-drawn carriages on each of the 5 days. Queen Elizabeth II is the primary guest of honor and the races begin as soon as she makes an appearance on each of the 5 days. One of the most important dates of the British Calendar, The Royal Ascot is well attended, with almost every single famous person in the country making an appearance. The media goes into overdrive about what the celebrities are wearing to who they make an appearance with. The dress code for the event is strictly formal, with women expected to be full covered in a day dress accompanied by a hat, while men are supposed to be suited up in a black or grey morning dress with a top hat.


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