4 books you shouldn’t miss if you are a thriller or mystery lover

4 books you shouldn’t miss if you are a thriller or mystery lover

Fiction is a genre that has kept the generation engaged throughout the time and still has the charm to mesmerize the readers. Whether it is a thriller, mystery, supernatural or paranormal, right from a short story to a descriptive novel, the spellbound magic of words gives the reader a rush of adrenaline right on their comfortable couch. Mystery and thriller go hand-in-hand and together, they have been used by authors across the globe, throughout centuries to create a unique aura in the readers’ minds. Moreover, the Oracle touches of paranormal, supernatural and metaphysical elements make the mysteries even more intriguing. Although, the genre of thriller and mystery has a long repository of quality books, yet there are some great works of some brilliant authors in forms of these mystery books that you would not want to miss:

The Last Attractor of Chaos, a spy thriller by Abhinav Singh

The book begins when AshwinRathore is killed in a murder that was meant for his six months pregnant wife Shruti. The book continues as Shruti’s past is revealed and even in death, Ashwin tries to protect her. The book starts with a very thrilling scene and the good thing is that it keeps the same level of excitement throughout. Story is very gripping, the mystery regarding Shruti and what she was hiding was enough to keep the reader hooked. Shruti was a really interesting character, her bravery and boldness even while she was six-months pregnant was amazing. The author has unfolded her past very nicely. This is an extremely a fun book to read as it also includes different perspectives on death and afterlife.

The Captives by Debra Jo Immergut

This book shows the riveting story of a woman convicted of a brutal crime, the prison psychologist who recognizes her as his high-school crush and the charged reunion that sets off an astonishing chain of events with dangerous consequences for both.

Tell Me No Lies by A.V. Geiger

Tell me No Lies is a part of a book series called Follow Me Back continues the story of Tessa, Eric and interrogation for a possible crime. The book picks up almost right where Follow Me Back left off. Readers who enjoyed Follow Me Back will probably want to see what happens next. Tell Me No Lies is a very interesting conceptualized book. You will enjoy the reading experience even while frequently rolling your eyes.

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

This is the story of three best friends. One who was murdered, one who went to prison, and one who’s been searching for the truth all these years. This book is not only about what happened the night a young girl is murdered, but also about the after effects on the perpetrator of a crime. Jar of Hearts shows a tragic tale of friendship, obsession and murder. There are some graphic scenes that will churned your stomach, but the overall pay-off in the form of this compulsively addictive thriller was worth reading it.


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