3D printing: A new way of housing?

A full-fledged 4-bedroom house, printed in just 18 days! peaklife brings you the insight of the world’s first ready to live in 3D printed house

The world’s first 3D printed house has taken its foundation on the soil of Nantes, France. This iconic achievement has created a buzz across the planet and this indeed is an advanced leap in the feat of engineering. The house is a family intended 4-bedroom property, made for the Ramadan is family: aimed at bettering the concept of housebuilding at a faster rate yet cheaper for pockets.

The entire architecture is an exemplary achievement in the engineering world and is indeed a step into the advanced future. The house was printed keeping in mind the convenience of the disabled individuals, the walls in the corners are intentionally created to control humid arrays.

The entire budget of the house printing was estimated around £1,76,000 which is actually cheaper by 20% than the traditional construction methods. The house is said to be technologically advanced and has automated controls all over to controls even the simplest tasks inside; aimed at making a life of disabled individuals easier. Moreover, the house was made by the robot, known as BatiPrint3D in 18 days.

The house is eco-friendly in nature and is made using a special polymer material which has 60% lesser emissions unlike the traditional ones. The house is initially printed by scientists and skilled architects and the windows and doors are fitted in by the normal workers. In a matter of just 2 days the entire housebuilding finishes and by the next day its ready to move in.


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