3 Workout Books for Beginners

Routine can sometimes become a big bore and most workouts definitely rely on some form of routine. A routine can simply be defined as a combination of exercising activities done on a regular basis to keep fit and sculpture one’s body to a desirable physique.

This routine can get in the way of being consistent in working out, which should not be an option as consistency is a significant ingredient of working out for desired results. Some motivation may, therefore, come in handy especially for beginners if they are to go all the way in working out. Without this, they may end up quitting on day one of exercise and miss out on reaping long-term benefits.

Many benefits come with working out. Through working out, one learns to achieve and set goals, reduces the risk of heart disease, increases flexibility and strength, boosts self-confidence, the list is endless. A workout book that will give you powerful motivation become equally important to get workout beginners started.

Fitness has become a contemporary trend which means it comes with false prophets too. One needs to be very keen when selecting fitness books to read. Choosing good books will help save time and energy. The work out books to go for will undoubtedly be:

  1. Overcoming Gravity- Steven Low
  2. Becoming a Supple Leopard-Kelly Starret
  3. Starting Strength- Mark Rippetoe

Overcoming Gravity- Steven Low

The book’s focal point is the development and strength of the upper body. The author is a physical therapy student and has extensive experience in strength gymnastics. This book spells out how to go about calisthenics. These are exercises that include body movements like running, grasping, standing and pushing. They are usually performed using rhythm, and little or no equipment is necessary. If you prefer this style of workout, you should own a copy of this book.






Becoming a Supple Leopard-Kelly Starret


Kelly Starret shares his approach on maintaining your body and living a healthy and satisfying life. By reading this book, one can maintain their athletic career and performance by learning how to treat injuries associated with workout, stiffness, aching and prevent injuries. By the time you are done reading this book, you should be able to do all that has been mentioned without necessarily hiring a coach, trainer or even a doctor. The book will certainly help beginners mitigate challenges associated with working out without having to go back into their pockets.




Starting Strength- Mark Rippetoe


The author’s focus is on barbell coaching. This book provides a practical and straightforward approach to strength training. There is no better book based on barbell training that is more detailed than Starting Strength.

The three books are priceless assets for workout beginners, the different training approach they offer cover an impressive assortment of training knowledge for the readers. The authors have ensured that beginners get to navigate their way through different types of training. There couldn’t be a better way to kick-off!




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