10 stress buster products

10 stress-relieving gadgets

The anytime gadgets for you to relax and divert your mind from all the daily tensions and stress without getting interrupted

  1. Desktop Foosball10 stress-relieving gadgets

 Desktop foosball is a great option for relieving stress together with your colleagues. This miniature foosball table measures 1.25″ x 4″ x 8″ and is also available in a green-field design. A quick game of foosball will change your mood and divert your mind from all the tension and stress of the work, so that you can focus again on your work.


  1. Desktop Punching Ball10 stress-relieving gadgets

This desktop punching ball is a great stress reliever whether you are at home or work. It comes with a pump to maintain the inflation and is made of polypropylene making it capable of bearing lots of punches. There is also a suction cup that keeps the bag intact on a dry surface.


  1. Desktop Rugby10 stress-relieving gadgets

 Play rugby at your desk! This desktop rugby set is a great stress reliever. The set comes with a ruby ball, the kicking tee and the poles. This lightweight gadget won’t cover up much of your desk space.


  1. Scalp Massager10 stress-relieving gadgets

 It is one of the simplest but most effective gadgets to relieve stress. A minor headache after the office hours for the person who brainstorms a lot is normal. The flexible rods in this massager will help you relax and feel better instantly without affecting your skin. You can use it on your knee and elbow as well.


  1. Chalkboard Organiser10 stress-relieving gadgets

By organising your work you can reduce half of your stress levels. This magnetic chalkboard organiser helps you keep a track of your day-to-day work schedule. You can write down the important things with chalk or attach the notes with it. So next don’t worry just but the chalkboard and keep a track of yourself.


  1. Executive Sandbox10 stress-relieving gadgets

 It is a beautiful box made with walnut and with a polished finish, where you can store sand and bring it to your workplace. It will keep you motivated and remind you why you are doing all this – to get some time on the beach. You can play with it and stare at it on alternate duration to defuse the work stress



  1. Fidget Cube10 stress-relieving gadgets

Fidget cube is a handheld device especially designed to overcome stress, anxiety and nervousness. This cube has 6-7 stress-relieving features on all side like: a small joystick, rolling ball, spinning disc, rocker switch, gears and five buttons to help you divert your mind from the tensions of the workplace.


  1. AquaFarm10 stress-relieving gadgets

AquaFarm is a self-cleansing fish tank that also grows organic food. Keeping fish in a nice aquarium have been known for their ability to calm and relieve stress. So, this becomes a beautiful option to fight stress and find peace.

 9.  Shiatsu heated foot massager10 stress-relieving gadgets

This ultra-lightweight portable device is a great foot muscle relaxer. You can give yourself a massage according to your preferred time and heat control. And since it works electronically, it does not also create any mess. So it can be used both at your home and workplace.


  1. Jerk balloon stress ball10 stress-relieving gadgets

 We are all surrounded with people we don’t like and want to beat to death but that’s not legal. So rather taking your anger out on them, you can show it on colourful balloon stress balls with nice wordings like: “Shut up”, “Die Already”, “Nobody Cares”, etc.


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