10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

For hassle-free travelling use the assistance of these travel-tech accessories.

Travel is a part of our life, so why not make it comfortable and peaceful by using the offerings of new-gen technology. But not all gadgets are created equal. These accessories are supposed to make your life simpler and not miserable. That’s why we bring you 10 must have tech accessories that will help you travel faster, smarter and smoother, making your journey more efficient and joyful.

 Universal Travel Adapter

Irrespective whether you’re travelling or not, one should always keep a universal adapter handy. It might look a bit bulky, but trust us you can use it beyond your out-bound travels too. It will help sort issues of finding a compatible plug for your mobile or laptop charger.

Streaming Stick

10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

If you are tired of travelling and want to relax by watching your favorite shows, keep a streaming stick handy. If you wish to chill with Netflix in your hotel room, carry your new best friend, a streaming stick, with you. All you need to do is just pop it in the USB port of TV and you can watch all of your favourite shows in 1080p quality all day long.


10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

I understand you love books but lugging around your favorite novels can be very taxing, especially while you are travelling. Keeping in mind your need for comfort and your love for reading, the best option for you is to get yourself a kindle notebook. Just like novels, you can read the e-edition of your fav books, without any sight of stress or strain for your eyes.

Luggage Tracker

No more stressing about losing your luggage or packages. Just go to any electronic store and gift yourself a luggage tracker. It will give you a piece of mind by helping you keep a track of your bag while travelling. It works perfectly anywhere where cellular phones work.

Waterproof Phone Case

Be it a fancy beach destination, or the Rainforest, or when you’re up for some water sports on a holiday, the one thing you stress about most is the fear of your phone crashing due to water damage. Which is why, anytime you visit such places you should always carry a phone cover beforehand, which makes you handset invincible for water.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker


10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

We all love music, so there is no harm in sharing that love with your friends and family. For this you should always carry a portable Bluetooth speaker. While sitting and talking around a bonfire, you can play some upbeat music and have a great time dancing or chilling by the bonfire. But if the bonfire is somewhere near beaches, then I would suggest you better buy the waterproof variant of the Bluetooth speaker.

Travel Router

Travel router is very necessary for you if you are a frequent traveller. Irrespective of the place or time, you can easily create a hotspot for you and access internet for at least 4-5 hours before the battery of the router dies. That’s why people from around the globe also call it “Anytime Internet.”

Power Bank

10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

Imagine you are travelling in an unknown city and suddenly your mobile battery goes dead. What will you do? Scared! So, to avoid such situation in your future, always carry a good-quality power bank with you.


10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

Children screaming, engine noise and chatty rows will be a part of your travelling routine. But it depends on you completely that you reach your final destination with peace or full of frustration. A good noise-proof headphone is the solution to overcome all these issues.

Good-Quality Camera

10 must-have tech accessories for all travellers

While travelling you might notice some incredible moments which you would like to capture in your camera. But what will you do if you have a camera with low resolution? Nothing, the whole beauty of that particular moment will fade away with time. So, make sure before leaving for your next trip, you carry a compact and good-quality camera with you.


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